Sunday, June 15, 2014

[[ The Great Journey ]]

I I apologize for my lack of posts times a million, life always seems to get in the way. 

Every year the men of our family on Mylez side go on a fishin trip and leave up women up to our own devices. This is only my second year of this, a week without Mylez. My mother in law and I spend it together seeing as we all love together now it is much easier and plus I don't have to sleep on an air mattress. 

For me this is a week of getting things done I normally wouldn't, I book time off work this year being 2 weeks( though the guys are only gone for 1). I've got a list of things I'd like to do watching all the movies I normally wouldn't be able to is on that list( it's girl time after all). I also recently has. Friend teach me how to weave so I've been doing that on the inkle loom I bought off of her. 
Just something simple for my first time. 
I also finally did my nails, I got a sample from a woman at work for stick on decals from and they are neat!
The pink is joe fresh in candy and the accent nail is from jamberry sorry for the bad camera quality I'm writing this from my iphone and used the camera in blogger.

I've also made some headway with my novel though I realize now I never told any if you I was writing one I guess perhaps one day you might see it on the shelves ( a girl can dream ). It's now a girly book just so you know, or about me for that matter. 

Anyways this was just an update sinuous know in still alive hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

[[ Burn Me Up ]]

That's So we had our very first fire today at out new house. 
Beautiful isn't it. We made the pit a while ago and we used these massive rocks though we would eventually like to get a washing machine drum. We spent all day filling up a massive garbage bin that our neighbor lent is sober could clean out the barn and basement shop. There was a lot of junk from renos and from the last owners. Everything hung that was wood be burned and had the beautiful fire you above. Also I got pretty sunburnt but I'm upswing my coco butter Vaseline so hopefully I don't peel and perhaps all my freckles will come out full force soon.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day I myself celebrated it with 2 of my 3 fathers my dad and my father in law it was nice they played guitar and I made beer can chicken on the BBQ. 
That's me and my biological father I love him to death I always tell everyone I take after my father. 
That's my dad, father in law and my step mom sitting around while I bbq. It was their first time meeting and it went great my dad and father in law have so much I common I knew they would get along.

Well I'm off not to go re moisturize my shoulders hope everyone has a great night.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

[[ Guitar Wall ]]

TIve seen a lot of people do a wall of frames as an accent wall before but in our family we have a lot of guitars which we're being stored up in theology for lack of a better place to put them. We decided that the dinning room wall would be a great accent wall 
That's the original color a horrid yellow that wasn't primed and thus you could see the old colour under it so we started priming the wall which took a bit it's a big wall. 
That's the wall after priming the white actually looked really cool I thought but I can home from work one day and the boys had finished the wall and they thought I wouldn't like the colour.
This is he wall so far we still have more guitars to hang 6 more to be exact. We decided to keep with the music theme and have the old wind up record player in the front and on the right side is a motorized display case filled with music stuff and other knock knacks as is the cabinet on the left. All of those things need to be updated and redone but for now they are fine. 

What do you think would you ever consider putting a guitar wall up in a formal area such as a dining room? Comment with what you think 

Monday, March 31, 2014

[[ A Bedroom To Sleep ]]

This room has been a long time coming. When you move into a new house usually the first thing you set up is your bedroom a safe haven from the world of unpacking and trying to figure out what goes where but when your entire room is floor to celing lime green with this on the walls you don't exactly get to have a comforting bedroom.
Looking back this room didn't really take much just a lot of waiting for drywall fillet to well dry and then there's the sanding etc etc 
This is Mylez on the scaffolding filling in where the previous tenets had hockey tape on the wall. That was a pain, also to his left you can see part of the wall is painted.
Also always wear some kind of mask when there is drywall being sanded, for good measure we covered the heat vent closed the door and put garbage bags over the interest in the room which you will see now.
This is the window in our room ..... It going to the mud room. I know it seems a bit goofy but we've grown to like it especially since the frame is now white instead of superman blue. 
We got the walls painted and to brighter the inside of the closet we made it white. Here you can see how high the ceiling gets.
The next thing we did was sand down the floors and stain them ebony. I had a few doubts and worries but you know what I love them plus we got to keep the hardwood so win win. As you can see we put an actual window in that space to block out noise. We're currently using the mud/ laundry room to do dishes etc. 
This is the completed room we now have a tv in the bedroom sitting where the iPad is as well we got a really cool cellular shade for the window that makes it look like a modern light build into the wall during the day. 

I'm so happy with the results a also happy we aren't sleeping in the living room. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[[ A House ]]

This is a panorama of our new property well half of it there's a huge chunk of land on the other side of the house.

That big yellow cinder lock building, that is the house you can see the roof from a mile up the road it's rediculous. We love it! On the far right is the barn which needs a lot of work but will one day find a use. The tiny little building in the middle is a chicken coop, which perhaps one day might be occupied. 

This is the view from the front lobby into the main part of the house. Massive right? That's my fiancé down at the end there. The fires door on the left is to our bedroom, the second our private living room and the last is a bright pink room that's needs a lot of work before it becomes our bathroom. On the right we have my in laws living room and then their bedroom. Their bathroom is going to be the main one which is behind the camera to the right at well.

There will be many before and afters do I won't be showing you much else until then so keep an eye out.

[[ A Fresh Start ]]

My name is Sid I'm the blond and my fiancé is Mylez, the bearded one. We have been together for 2 years ( on Feb 17) we've been engaged for more then a year of it and we've been living in a shorting very tiny very cramped apartment with our cat Zeusafur. 

Anyone who has been following my blog from the beginning knows most of this, but times are changing you see we haven't gotten married yet because we want to buy a house first, we just did that a whopping 3600 square foot house with a drive in basement shop just as big. It's on 5 acres with beautiful trees a barn and even a little chicken coop currently sporting a vacant sign ( it isn't actually but we would like to get some ). I tell you all this because the place is a pardon my French a shit hole and we will be fixing it up to be our forever home. 

We bought it with my fiancé parents whom we have chosen to live with, I've been told I'm crazy for doing this but I love his parents they are so fun and cool and we get along great. 

To get back on point this blog is going to be dedicated to before and afters of our house along with things I love and ideas I have for everything. I hope you all enjoy and blog again later.


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