Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[[ A Fresh Start ]]

My name is Sid I'm the blond and my fiancé is Mylez, the bearded one. We have been together for 2 years ( on Feb 17) we've been engaged for more then a year of it and we've been living in a shorting very tiny very cramped apartment with our cat Zeusafur. 

Anyone who has been following my blog from the beginning knows most of this, but times are changing you see we haven't gotten married yet because we want to buy a house first, we just did that a whopping 3600 square foot house with a drive in basement shop just as big. It's on 5 acres with beautiful trees a barn and even a little chicken coop currently sporting a vacant sign ( it isn't actually but we would like to get some ). I tell you all this because the place is a pardon my French a shit hole and we will be fixing it up to be our forever home. 

We bought it with my fiancé parents whom we have chosen to live with, I've been told I'm crazy for doing this but I love his parents they are so fun and cool and we get along great. 

To get back on point this blog is going to be dedicated to before and afters of our house along with things I love and ideas I have for everything. I hope you all enjoy and blog again later.

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