Sunday, May 18, 2014

[[ Guitar Wall ]]

TIve seen a lot of people do a wall of frames as an accent wall before but in our family we have a lot of guitars which we're being stored up in theology for lack of a better place to put them. We decided that the dinning room wall would be a great accent wall 
That's the original color a horrid yellow that wasn't primed and thus you could see the old colour under it so we started priming the wall which took a bit it's a big wall. 
That's the wall after priming the white actually looked really cool I thought but I can home from work one day and the boys had finished the wall and they thought I wouldn't like the colour.
This is he wall so far we still have more guitars to hang 6 more to be exact. We decided to keep with the music theme and have the old wind up record player in the front and on the right side is a motorized display case filled with music stuff and other knock knacks as is the cabinet on the left. All of those things need to be updated and redone but for now they are fine. 

What do you think would you ever consider putting a guitar wall up in a formal area such as a dining room? Comment with what you think 

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