Monday, March 31, 2014

[[ A Bedroom To Sleep ]]

This room has been a long time coming. When you move into a new house usually the first thing you set up is your bedroom a safe haven from the world of unpacking and trying to figure out what goes where but when your entire room is floor to celing lime green with this on the walls you don't exactly get to have a comforting bedroom.
Looking back this room didn't really take much just a lot of waiting for drywall fillet to well dry and then there's the sanding etc etc 
This is Mylez on the scaffolding filling in where the previous tenets had hockey tape on the wall. That was a pain, also to his left you can see part of the wall is painted.
Also always wear some kind of mask when there is drywall being sanded, for good measure we covered the heat vent closed the door and put garbage bags over the interest in the room which you will see now.
This is the window in our room ..... It going to the mud room. I know it seems a bit goofy but we've grown to like it especially since the frame is now white instead of superman blue. 
We got the walls painted and to brighter the inside of the closet we made it white. Here you can see how high the ceiling gets.
The next thing we did was sand down the floors and stain them ebony. I had a few doubts and worries but you know what I love them plus we got to keep the hardwood so win win. As you can see we put an actual window in that space to block out noise. We're currently using the mud/ laundry room to do dishes etc. 
This is the completed room we now have a tv in the bedroom sitting where the iPad is as well we got a really cool cellular shade for the window that makes it look like a modern light build into the wall during the day. 

I'm so happy with the results a also happy we aren't sleeping in the living room. What do you guys think?

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